7 Unique College Majors You Never Knew Existed

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If you are planning to apply to college in the next few years, you’ve probably started doing your research on college majors. There are obvious majors like Business, Engineering, Marketing, Psychology, and History – but did you know there are many colleges that offer unique majors that you may not have even heard of? Careers of the future require majors of the future – so check out 7 of these highly unique majors that we bet you’ve never heard of!  

1. Turf Grass Science

Combine your love of science and nature with this technical field that requires hands-on problem solving in the field (literally). Discover the art and science of how to propagate and maintain species of turf grasses (think lawns) that you’d find in backyards, sports fields, playgrounds, parks, roadsides, and natural areas. Turf Grass Scientists keep large areas of grass green and lush year-round for beauty and enjoyment. If you find yourself in this major, expect to take courses in Biology, Chemistry, Soil Science, Ecology and Communications.

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Golf Course Grounds Superintendent, Athletic Turf Manager, Agronomy Sales and Management, Grounds Management for Large Facilities, Parks, and Institutions 

Similar Majors – Horticulture Science, Landscape Architecture, Greenhouse Operations and Management

2. Costume Design and Technology

Have a love of design, arts, fashion, movies, or theater? Channel your creative energy into a Costume Design and Technology major where you’ll partner with artists to make visual stories and narratives come to life through clothing. Costume designers and technologists are the engineers and visionaries behind the costumes seen on Broadway and in movies, commercials, and other dramatic arts. Students in this major may take courses like Design, Rendering, Drama, and Tailoring. 

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Costume Supervisor, Accessory Designer, Fashion Designer, Wardrobe Consultant

Similar Majors – Fashion Design and Merchandising, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts

3. Motorsports Engineering

Have a love of cars, racing, or things that go fast? Fuel your passion with a major in Motorsports Engineering. Motorsports Engineers try to solve one problem – how to go faster! You’ll often find them working for programs like NASCAR or IndyCar or even for companies like Caterpillar and Harley Davidson. This major focuses on STEM courses like Physics, Statistics, and Vehicle Aerodynamics, but combines all these classes with hands-on simulations and real-world experience. 

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Automotive Engineer, Motorsports Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Engineer, Race Engineer, Automotive Designer

Similar Majors – Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Biomechanical Engineering 

4. Chickens (AKA Poultry Science)

Combine your love of animals with a passion for business in this unique major that focuses exclusively on the management, marketing, breeding, and business of chickens. Chickens play a key role in our global food supply, making this a critical major for agriculture, foodies, and businesses alike! Students in this major can expect to take courses in animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Commercial Production, and more! This major introduces students to the many different disciplines critical for animal care and production. This major often combines both hands-on and classroom experiences to best acclimate students to the science of chickens!

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Farm Management, Research Assistant, Poultry Extension Agent, Poultry Operations Manager

Similar Majors – Animal Science, Marine Biology, Animal Nutrition, Agribusiness

5. Bakery Science and Food Chemistry

Maybe you love to cook? Or maybe you're a budding chemist? Combine your love of both into a career in bakery science. Students who study Food Chemistry or Bakery Science learn about the complex chemical processes behind creating recipes and foods as they prepare for careers that might include new food creation at major companies! Students study science and nutrition, while spending significant time in labs learning the art and science of developing foods.

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Food Chemist, Food Microbiologist, Food Product Development, Food Marketing and Sales

Similar Majors – Culinary Arts, Professional Cooking, Food and Nutrition

6. Comic Art

Love comics? Consider a major in comic art or the art of comics, whether printed or on-screen. If you have a love of art and storytelling a comic art major is a great way to combine the two. Students studying comic art can expect to take classes in Drawing, Design, Storytelling, Media, and Character Development along with other creative-focused courses. Students considering this major should enjoy drawing and design!

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Comic Artist, Cartoonist, Video Storyboarder, Graphic Novelist

Similar Majors – Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Digital Cinematography

7. Paper Engineering

Paper is everywhere, but did you ever consider that someone must create the paper we use? That’s what Paper Engineers do. They master the science, chemistry, and engineering behind turning trees (pulp) into paper. This age- old art and science has been modernized by technology requiring students interested in this major to be savvy in both science and technology. This major is very hands-on, requiring students to take many labs combined with in-person experiences. 

What Careers Can You Pursue With This Major?

Paper Mill Operations Director, Research and Development Technician, Process Engineer

Similar Majors – Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Materials and Technology


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