8 Must-Do Activities for Your High School Bucket List

Two high school seniors at graduation taking a selfie

High school can be one of the best times of your academic career. It offers you a chance to try new things and discover what your interests really are before delving into adulthood.  While everyone’s path looks different, all students should put these eight experiences on their high school bucket list. 

1. Attend a High School Dance 

Arguably one of the most noteworthy high school experiences! Attending a dance, whether with friends or with a date, should be on the top of your list. It’s a great chance to do something outside of your normal routine with your classmates. Dress up, grab dinner, and then hit the dance floor. 

2. Attend School Events 

Don’t miss out on attending your school’s events! Friday night football games, homecoming parades, school theatre performances, choir performances, and more can make you feel connected to your school and supports others in their hobbies. Bring posters, cheer, and join in on the fun of the activities. 

3. Find a Club, Sport, or Program You Love

Spend some time in high school finding at least one club, sport, or national academic program that you feel passionate about. High school allows you the flexibility to try new things and discover what you want to pursue. Most schools have a variety of sports and clubs for all interests. Participating is also a great way to build your college application if you plan on attending or learn skills like leadership and becoming a team player. Try new things and don’t be afraid to fail or change your mind. That’s all part of the learning process! Who knows, you might just leave high school with your newfound favorite hobby or future career!

4. Get a Summer Job

Who’s ready for summer break?! While summer should be a time to rest and reset before another school year, it’s also a great opportunity to start building your resume and saving some money of your own. Did you know that Harry Styles' first job was working part-time at a bakery, or that Margot Robbie worked at Subway? Depending on your age or what you enjoy doing, there are countless options for you. Start looking a couple of months before the start of your summer break so that you can narrow down your list of who's hiring or get creative and start something of your own. Trust us – you don’t want to graduate without knowing what a summer job is like! 

5. Make New Friends

Make it a point to make some new connections. Throughout high school you’ll be introduced to students you didn’t know previously including students from other schools or who are new to your school. By attending clubs, sports, local events, volunteering or other activities that interest you, you will be able to meet others who have similar interests. These people can become lifelong friends and help support you on your journey. Get outside of your comfort zone and invite these new people to hang out. Leaving high school with great friends is something you’ll want on your high school bucket list! 

6. Get Your Driver’s License 

Learning to drive is an important step to gaining some independence. Every state has different rules and regulations around obtaining a driver’s license. Start to research what steps you’ll need to take including getting a permit, completing online and in-person training, and of course getting lots of practice to pass your driver’s exam. Some high schools even offer driving courses so be sure to check your school's course list. Remember that getting a license can also come with added responsibilities such as car insurance, routine car maintenance, and much more. Consider this a stepping stone as you become an independent adult. 

7. Senior Year Adventures 

If you’re a senior, you’ll find this year will bring lots of exciting adventures as well as the decisions to make about what comes next. Start your year out with a senior sunrise, attend prom, and make memories with your friends. Many schools also offer class trips for you to celebrate all your accomplishments. If you are looking for ways to give back, consider volunteering to mentor incoming students. You and your friends might also start turning 18 during the school year which means you can officially register to vote! 

8. Get Involved in Your Community 

Throughout high school there will be plenty of opportunities to be more involved in your community. You’ll find ways to volunteer and be an active participant in activities such as local conservation efforts, fun runs, school events, and more. You never know where life will take you and making the most of your time in your community can help build your resume, learn new skills, connect you with mentors, and help you meet who can support you in your journey. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and make the most of these four years. Create your own bucket list and make memories. 

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